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Sturton by Stow Primary School

Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!

Mrs Alison Simmons - Headteacher
Mrs Tracy Desforges - Assistant Headteacher
Mrs Kerry Bateman - Assistant Headteacher
Mrs Alison Bray - Class Teacher
Mrs Carole Edmondson - Class Teacher and SENCO
Miss Charlotte Evans - Class Teacher
Miss Hannah Gilpin - Class Teacher
Mrs Ruth Hodges - Class Teacher
Miss Molly Panter - Class Teacher
Mr Luke Scoffield - Class Teacher
Miss Maddy Thorne - Class Teacher
Mr Will Andrews - Teaching Assistant
Miss Alisha Barnes-Spring - Teaching Assistant
Mrs Andrea Bridle - Teaching Assistant
Mrs Andrea Cawte - Teaching Assistant
Mrs Jenny Church - Teaching Assistant
Mrs Nina Crow - Teaching Assistant
Mrs Lisa Hand - Teaching Assistant
Mrs Tracy Troop - Teaching Assistant
Mrs Sam Walker - 1:1 Teaching Assistant
Mrs Pamela Jenkins - School Business Manager
Mrs Sharon Bingham - Administrator
Mrs Paula Waudby - Senior Administrator
Mr Nigel Gleadle - Caretaker
Mrs Tracy Benn - Senior Midday Supervisor
Mrs Kelly Buckingham - Midday Supervisor
Mrs Cat Church - Midday Supervisor
Mrs Adele Kelly - Midday Supervisor
Mrs Rachel Walker - Midday Supervisor
Mr Ryan Walker - Midday Supervisor
Mrs Tracy Troop - Swans Nest Co-ordinator
Mr Will Andrews - After School Club Assistant
Mrs Tracy Benn - Swans Nest Assistant
Mrs Adele Kelly - Swans Nest Assistant
Mrs Rachel Walker - Swans Nest Assistant
Mr Ryan Walker - Swans Nest Assistant
Sturton by Stow Primary School