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School Brochure

The children at our school are amazing. They are enthusiastic & inquisitive; excited about everything we do; and love to learn! Visitors are always impressed by how polite, well-mannered and friendly our children are.

We are extremely lucky to have vast amounts of space inside and out which provides opportunities for enriching and extending our curriculum, and involving the local community in our school life.

For a small school we provide a wide range of clubs, trips, visitors, events and experiences. We aspire to give our children ‘big school’ opportunities, delivered by a small and dedicated team. We pride ourselves on knowing every child, understanding their needs and bringing them on. We have a multi-talented team of adults who foster our children’s enthusiasm for learning and zest for life.

Our school motto is ‘We are small enough to care, and big enough to inspire’. This represents the ethos of the whole school and stands for what we strive to do every day. Every adult in school is committed to bringing out the best in every child and helping each and every one to fulfil their potential, in whatever they aspire to.

Our local community, parents, carers & governors are supportive of our drive for change and improvement. We work in close collaboration with all of our stakeholders, constantly seeking feedback, comments & ideas about moving the school forward.


Our children say

The best thing about our school is to learn from our teachers and our clubs.

The best thing about our school is doing all of our work and our teachers.

The best thing about our school is having friends and teachers that are really good.

The best thing about our school is having a Headteacher who is always trying to make the school the best it can be.

We like to learn because every day when we come home we have learned something new.


Our parents say:

Children trust staff, feel safe and secure, and know that they can go to the head teacher.

The new whole school topics are inspirational and encourages family to get involved.

Safe environment, quality teaching, happiness and stability.

First impressions of the school are much improved and there is now a personal approach.

Achievers assemblies are fab, WOW days are fantastic & children enjoy coming to school.


Our staff say:

Learning is at the heart of what we do, for children and for staff.

We are all learning together, and all driving for improvement.

Our school is an inspirational and happier place to work

We all have ownership over improvements; we care about each other; and have a shared vision of the kind of place we want our school to be.

Sturton by Stow Primary School