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Welcome to Tornadoes class page!

Tornadoes class have had a great first few days back together and it has been lovely to see so many smiling and happy faces.  We are really excited to be learning and growing together and are looking forward to all the exciting themes we will be exploring this term!  Please drop into our page whenever you can to see what we have been finding out about and how we have been making our first term amazing!

This Term

This term our theme is 'Inside Out'.  We are going to be exploring all the things on the inside and out that make each of use unique and special.  We will be focusing on well being and how we keep ourselves healthy both physically and emotionally.



We are also considering the idea of heroes this term.  What is a hero to you?  What characteristics do they have? Do you have a hero? Through history, what characters have been thought of as heroes?

As part of this idea we will be using a range of books that have heroism as the main theme to inspire our learning.



To find out more about our work this term click on the documents below:

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