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Tornadoes Class Page

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Scoffield's Challenge:


Hello Tornadoes, just to keep you busy in-between the home learning in English and Maths. Below is a link to the Edinburgh Live Zoo Cam!


Here you will see live videos of Tigers, Penguins, Koalas and Pandas!...However Mr Scoffield has been looking for a considerably long time....and can't seem to spot a single Panda!!


Copy the link into your search engine or type Edinburgh live zoo cam into Google and take up the challenge of spotting this VERY private Panda!


Good luck...and keep those eyes peeled for those camouflaged critters!!!  




Class Email: In order for the school to ensure that all learners and parents are accessing their Home Learning in a smooth and manageable manner, each class has created their own email address. This will allow myself and others teachers to keep posted on any potential problems that you may occur. It will also allow us to celebrate the achievements and successes you have experienced at home and in some cases, these achievements might be shared on our school Facebook page!  


Please find below our Tornadoes email address. I cant wait to hear about all your fantastic learning!


Word/PDF documents: It has come to light that some parents have struggled opening word documents on their iPad or mobile phone devices. Therefore, I shall now save questions, documents or any reading in both formats to ensure all learning can be accessed. Hopefully this will make learning more manageable at home! Please email my class page if you have any further queries, problems or celebrations!


Keep up the good work, you are all doing brilliantly! :)


Mr S


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