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Welcome to Tornadoes class page!

Summer: Term 1


This term our theme is 'Mysterious Marvels'.  Within each area of our curriculum we will be exploring this idea. 



In Science we will be investigating habitats.  We will be exploring our amazing school grounds and finding out about the inescts that live there and the way they are adapted to their habitats.  We will be thinking about how habitats around the world are being altered because of climate change and how we might be able to slow the damage down.



Our Science Knowledge Organiser below will tell you a little more about what we will be learning:



In History we will be finding out about the Anglo Saxons.  We will be investigating what life was like for this group of poeple and how they changed Britain.


Please take a look at our History Knowledge Organiser below to find out more about what we will be learning:




Our English work will firstly be based upon the book 'Shakleton's Journey' written by William Grill.  Through our investigation into this book we will be thinking about the features of different genres of writing including letters, diaries and newspaper reports and writing some of our own.

We will also be investigating the narrative Beowulf through the adapted version of the story written by Rob Lloyd Jones.

We will also be sharing the non - fiction book 'The Story of Flight' written by Jakob Whitfield as part of our whole class reading.






This term our we will be comparing fractions to decimals and linking this to our understanding of place value.  We will also be exploring measures including mass and capacity and we will be solving problems based around money.



Our PE sessions this term will be on Mondays and Wednesdays. Children need to attend school wearing their kit.

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