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In Term 4, Tornadoes will be investigating decimals and percentages. They will begin with a deep mathematical understanding of what decimals and fractions are, looking at a range of mathematical concepts, representations and practical equipment. Children will draw comparisons between decimal, percentage and fraction representations.  


English this term will be focused on traditional fairy tale villains. Children will analyse and compare narratives, build alternative endings and look at elements of persuasive writing in regards specific characters. Each morning, children will evaluate and practice the different grammatical strategies in order to create varied effect. 

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Our topic this term is ‘Traditional Fairy Tale Villains’. This will allow children to see how different characters have been portrayed in different narrative across the years. They will even examine how characters could have been potentially misunderstood and how they could be defended with the use of different persuasive texts.


In Science we will be investigating states of matter with Mrs Hodges. Children will be taking part in practical activities where variables will be changed, results recorded and scientific summaries made. Children will be examining the different states of matter to determine if they are reversible or not.


In Term 4 ICT, Tornadoes will be using a range of applications to retrieve and present data on given subjects. As the term progresses children will also be looking at coding programmes.


In History this term the children will be learning about the Ancient Sumer. Looking at how they farmed land, celebrated their beliefs and built their cities.


In DT children will begin a project that involves working up towards building their own Fairy Tale children’s book. Children will examine the features of different books and try to recreate their own using different medium.


Our Social focus this term will be ‘Going for Goals’. Where we will be thinking about what are the attributes of an effective leader.


P.E this term will be Hockey with Mrs Hodges. Children will get the chance to combine techniques in game situations such as running, passing and finding open space. Children will learn to attack tactically by anticipating the direction of play, whilst being able to uphold the spirit of fair play and respect.

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