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Spring: Term 1


This term our theme is 'Similarities and Differences'


Through our theme we will be comparing and contrasting different things within our different subject areas. 


In Science we are going to be thinking about materials - solids, liquids and gases. We will be investigating how to combine and separate materials and what characteristics they share. 




Please take a look at our Science Knowledge Organiser below which shares some of the things we will finding out about.



We will be investigating the Shang Dynasty in History. We will be finding out about how the Dynasty rose to be so powerful and the way it influenced life and technology in China at the time.  We will find out about how life was similar and different to today and what led to the downfall of this powerful empire in the end.


Please take a look at our History Knowledge Organiser below to found out some of the things we will be exploring.



Our English work will be closely linked to our theme too.  Through our school text we will be thinking about the seasons.  Our book 'Winter's Child' by Angela McAllister will allow us to explore the characteristics of winter and then create a similar story set in the spring. We will be using the similarities and differences between the 2 seasons to help create our stories and make them interesting and descriptive to the reader. This term we will also be exploring the book 'Varmints' by Helen Ward.  Through this narrative we will investigate different types of setting and think about the similarities and differences between the book and animation of the story.







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