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Summer: Term 1


This term our theme is 'Contrasts'.  Within each area of our curriculum we will be exploring similarities and differences between different times, places or things. 



In Science we are going to be thinking about light and sound. We will be finding out about how we see light and how shadows are created.  We will also be investigating how sound is made and how we can affect the volume of sound.  We will be using lots of investigations and experiments to help us understand these things.



Our Science Knowledge Organiser below will tell you a little more about what we will be learning:



In History we will be investigating the Stone Age to Iron age periods.  We will be finding out about and contrasting the different periods and exploring what life was like in those times. We will be investigating cave drawings and places such as Stonehenge to help us understand how historians have pieced together ideas and knowledge about the time.



Please take a look at our History Knowledge Organiser below to find out more about what we will be learning:





Our English work will be closely linked to our theme too.  In our school text 'The Flower' by Josh Light we will find out about Brigg the main character who lives in a world without flowers and plants.  We will be thinking about how very different his home and life is to our own and writing our own narrative and explanation texts in response to the story.

We will also be using a range of books linked to the Stone Age such as, Stone Age Boy by Satoshi Kitamura and The Wild Way Home by Sophie Kirtley, to learn about and contrast what life was like during these periods in history and our lives today.










This term our we will be continuing our work with fractions and then moving on to decimals.  We will also be exploring measures including time and money.

As well as this we will be topping up our knowledge of calculation through practising our addition, subtraction, division and multiplication.



Our PE sessions this term will continue to be on Monday's and Wednesdays.  We will be developing and improving our large ball skills and team games.  Children need to attend school wearing their kit.

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