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Red Arrows

Red Arrows Class

Year 1 and 2

Term 6



Topic: Taking off!  

This term we will be learning all about the Great Fire of London.  The children will also be preparing to 'take off' into their next year group and we will be discussing changes and goals throughout the term. 




This term we will be reading 'Vlad and the Great Fire of London'.  We will be learning about the events of the Great Fire of London through the journey of a flea and a rat in 1666.  We will be discussing the thoughts of the characters, including the use of role play and freeze framing to convey our understanding.  We will be perform a news report based on the events of the Great Fire and we will write Samuel Pepys' diary.  We will have a particular focus on using different types of sentences in order to create an effect for the reader. 

Phonics and SPaG

Year 1 children will continue to practise reading words containing phase 3 and 5 sounds including alien words.  We will then move on to learning the alternative sounds and spelling patterns.  Year 2 children will continue to practise spelling words by choosing the correct graphemes, including homophones. 

We will begin the term by telling the time using practical resources and specific mathematical language.  Throughout the rest of the term we will problem solve and investigate in the context of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.  We will enjoy working on open ended problems, using skills such as trial and error and pattern spotting. 

This term we will learn all about plants!  We will learn about wild and garden plants and we will be able to name a variety of these.  We will be able to explain what an evergreen and deciduous tree is.  We will work practically when naming parts of a plant and their function. 


This term we will learn all about 'The Great Fire of London'.  We will learn about the sequence of events and the impact the event had on future changes.  We will also identify the changes to London from then and now, with a particular focus on the last 100 years. 


This term we will learn about the Jewish Synagogue and the Hindu temple.  We will discuss the importance of the Torah scroll and the Tallit. 


This term our topic is 'Changes'.  We will discuss changes that have occurred before, changes that will occur in the future and how we might deal with these changes.


PE will be on Monday and Friday afternoons.  Please make sure your child's PE kit is in school on these days.

 Homework and spellings

Homework will be set on a Friday and will be due in on the following Wednesday.  Children will receive weekly spellings - handed out on a Friday also and will be tested on the following Friday.  Spellings will also be available on Spelling Shed. 
Reading books

Please try to listen to your child read as much as possible as it makes a huge difference in all areas of their learning!


Thank you for your continued support!  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to speak to us on the playground or contact us through the office. 



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