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Sturton by Stow Primary School

3-5 Year Values, Vision and Strategy


Sturton by Stow Primary School

‘Small enough to care, big enough to inspire’

Values, Vision and Strategy for the next 3-5 years


The School Values

  • Always aim high
  • Demonstrate caring behaviour
  • Value learning
  • Show responsibility
  • Demonstrate friendship


The School Vision

Aim 1

We are small enough to:

  • care and to listen,
  • to know each child as an individual and to value their individuality.

We intend to retain one class for each year group and maintain class sizes of 30 or under


Aim 2

We are small enough to understand each child and know each other.

We will continue to refine

  • effective and purposeful assessment which identifies targeted intervention for individual and groups of children, and
  • strong leadership achieving consistently high quality teaching and learning across the school

resulting in the best possible attainment and progress across the school


Aim 3

We are big enough to inspire and be ambitious.

We will continue to develop a curriculum that

  • inspires pupils to learn on a daily basis
  • supports high quality teaching and learning
  • ensures strong pupil progress across all areas

All pupils will leave the school with a thirst for knowledge and with the ambition to reach their highest potential at secondary school and beyond


Aim 4

We are big enough to provide opportunities and to help our children become citizens of the future.

Pupils will leave the school demonstrating and valuing positive behaviour. Through opportunities provided by the school they will care about and understand the importance of respecting others and celebrating individuality


Aim 5

We are big enough to:

  • Develop community spirit
  • pioneer new ideas
  • strive for excellence

Pupils will have learned to work with staff and peers to achieve success in school and community projects.

This includes using local community resources to develop the use of the uniquely large school premises to support high quality teaching and learning and the pursuit of excellence





Strategic Priorities

  • Provide a rich and diverse curriculum which can be adapted as required


  • Enable pupils to achieve attainment and progress which is better than National levels by providing high quality teaching and learning


  • Provide a working environment with CPD and career development opportunities which make the School an attractive place for staff to work


  • To engage with parents in a meaningful and purposeful way


  • Continue to raise the School’s profile in the community


  • Maintain pupil numbers to ensure financial stability
Sturton by Stow Primary School