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Latest News!


This evening the Lyrid meteor shower will be happening in the sky above us.  The shower is a burst of meteor activity. Meteors are small chunks of debris left in the wake of certain celestial objects, like asteroids or comets. When the Earth passes through this trail of material, it scoops up a number of these pieces which fall into the atmosphereIf you would like to find out more about the shower you can visit the site below.  If it's a little late to be staying up to watch the shower first hand maybe have a look at some of the pistures that will appear online tomorrow.



Royal Museums Greenwich website:


Thanks to Rowan and her mum for emailing over some information which you can read below if you would like to find out more!




As part of the Home Learning your child may like to try some music. At school we use ‘Charanga Musical School’ during some of our music lessons so your child may be familiar with this type of lesson. Charanga have opened some of the lessons for Home School Learning. To access these each child will need a username and password.

Username: is your child’s first name and surname together followed by the school initials (sbs). An example: johnsmithsbs

The password is: spitfires


Please go to

Click Pupil and Teacher Log in.

From the 3 choices select the middle one - YUMU.

Then put in your user name and password

Once logged in select one of the activities at the bottom of the screen.


Have fun!



Class Email:

This week a special email address has been set up for each class in school so that if you need to contact class teachers directly you have that opportunity.  The purpose of the email is to allow parents and children to let us know if they are having any technical difficulties accessing the home learning being posted on our class pages or for people to share what they have been busy doing at home with their class teachers if they want to.  We may even share some of the things you have been doing on facebook if you would like us to.


Our class email address is below.  We are missing you lots and are looking forward to seeing what everyone has been up to and the learning you have enjoyed.





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