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Vulcans' Class

Term 6  'Show Time'

Welcome to Vulcans' (Year 2 and 3) class page. 

Drama and presenting our work is our focus in Term 6. 

Please read on for all the exciting things we have planned!







This term we will link our English to our Geography topic of Earthquakes and

Volcanoes.  We will start off with poetry about natural disasters.  We will be reading the book 'Nim's Island' and studying it for our guided reading sessions.  We will also be writing our own adventure stories about living on an island.  This will also lead on to drama work where we will use different drama conventions as we act out our adventure stories in groups and develop our acting skills!  We will finish the term by watching the film 'Nim's Island' and compare and contrast it with the book.



We will begin the term with 'time' and looking at minutes past and comparing times as we progress to solving problems about time.  Measures of mass, capacity and temperature will follow as we become more accurate reading scales.  We will finish the year by applying all the knowledge and skills from this year in different problem solving situations and explain our ideas and working out.



This term we are learning about rocks and soils. We will compare different kinds of rocks based on their appearance and physical properties.  We will also learn about how fossils are formed and how understanding about them has changed our understanding of prehistoric animals.


For our final term the topic is a 'Earthquakes and Volcanoes' .  We will find out why earthquakes happen and the devastation caused, as well as how some countries prepare for regular earthquakes.  We will discover what volcanoes are and why they happen before investigating different volcanoes from around the world.


We will be drawing and painting buildings ready for October's Sturton Village Show and will use a range of drawing and sketching skills.  We will spend some time becoming more accurate with colour mixing and carefully use different techniques in our painting work.  We will be studying the fantastical buildings of Antoni Gaudi to inspire us.



Multi-Pro Sports will continue their sessions.  This term they will focus on Outdoor and Adventurous Activities on a Tuesday afternoon.   The second session will be continuing with scatterball skills and athletics on each Thursday.



Please make sure your child has their PE kit in school during the term.  Thank you.




In R.E. we will be learning about religion in our local community. We will think about the different denominations of Christianity and how religious groups contribute to society by the work that they do, e.g. Food Banks, Street Pastors, Soup Kitchens etc.



Changes will be our focus.  We will consider some of the changes we have experienced and how changes can make us feel.  We will use drama throughout the sessions to help us express how we might feel.






Work at Home

A piece of homework, either maths, english or topic will be given out on a Friday.  This will always add to and link in with what we are learning in class.  This homework is due back on the following Wednesday.  The spellings will also be given out on a Friday, ready for testing the following Friday,  these words link directly with the Year 2 and Year 3 English curriculum. 

Please, please, please keep reading with your child as this has a massive effect on their school work and helps them in all areas of their education.

Please speak to me if you have any questions or concerns.


Thank you

Mrs Bole

Sturton by Stow Primary School