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Ideas for home learning

Inside and Out

Our theme this term is 'Inside and Out'! Any learning you can do based around this idea is fantastic!


Some ideas are:

  • Complete a Venn Diagram with drawings and writing of things you can find inside and outside (see attached document).
  • Make a poster about our feelings - how do we feel on the inside and how might this look on the outside?
  • Focus on our body! Can you remember all the bones, organs and muscles that we have inside our body that help us to function from the outside? Draw a diagram of our insides and label all the parts!
  • Where is your favourite place to be? Inside or out? Write a letter explaining all the reasons why! Remember your full stops (or other closing punctuation), finger spaces and capital letters.
  • Watch this short clip from the film Inside Out (see below) and draw the emotions. Can you think of any other words to describe the emotions? Write them around the corresponding character. For Joy, one of your adjectives might be happy!


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