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Tiger Moths

Welcome to Tiger Moths!


Reception and Year 1

Hello Tiger Moths,


Hope you are all safe and well. We miss you already. Below are some ideas for daily activities. As well as these, there are spellings to practise on Spelling Shed and your Home Learning Pack for any moments you feel like something extra to do. There is also a Maths website to practise number facts online - select any activity from level 1. 


There will be an English and Maths activity to complete each day if you are able to. Use your red exercise book to record your learning as needed. The extension activity is optional. There will also be an open ended weekly 'project' and some ideas for activities to keep you busy in the afternoon. 


You can send photos of your learning to the address so we can see what you have been up to at home and upload your pictures to our school Facebook page.


If you feel you would like some more learning to keep your child busy, there are some online activities on the BBC website: 

The lessons start from Year 1 but are definitely worth a look if you feel your child is ready for something extra.

There is also the Oak National Academy website which has online lessons - some of which are aimed at Reception and is definitely worth a look:




As part of the Home Learning your child may like to try some music. At school we use ‘Charanga Musical School’ during some of our music lessons so your child may be familiar with this type of lesson. Charanga have opened some of the lessons for Home School Learning. To access these each child will need a username and password.

Username: is your child’s first name and surname together followed by the school initials (sbs). An example: johnsmithsbs

The password is: tigermoths


Please go to

Click Pupil and Teacher Log in.

From the 3 choices select YUMU.

Then put in your user name and password

Once logged in select one of the activities at the bottom of the screen.


Have fun!



Extra Activities:


Here are some ideas for some activities you can do if you feel like it!


  • Body Coach workouts - these are live at 9am on YouTube Monday-Friday 
  • Make a rainbow to stick in your window to cheer up those who can see it
  • Oxford Owl have access to lots of free books online to read with your child and Audible have released some free children's books for them to listen to
  • Do some baking or cooking, discuss quantities and amounts  
  • Purple Mash have online activities for all ages
  • Phonics Play have plenty of online phonics games - select any from Phase 3 and Phase 4 (Reception Children) and Phase 5 (Year 1)


Here is the cursive handwriting we use in school in case you need to refer to it when learning at home...

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