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Hello and a warm welcome to Lancasters! A lovely mix of curious and passionate young learners from year 4 . We are looking forward to sharing with you all the fantastic learning that takes place in our classroom. In Lancasters, we strive to always do our best whilst having fun along the way, so please keep checking our class web page for news and updates. 

Welcome back to our fifth term! In English, children will be delving into the questionable world of 'The Day I Swapped my Dad for Two Goldfish' by Neil Gaimen. They will look at specific strategies to describe locations, characters and emotions, whilst learning how to engage the reader with imaginative vocabulary! As the term progresses children were learn the features of persuasive text and how we can make persuasion impactful for the reader.




In Maths, our class will be looking at decimal, tenths and hundredths and how we can identify decimals of an amount in both its abstract form and its pictorial form. As part of fluency sessions, Lancasters will look at time table fact, number bonds and the four operations.


In Science we will continue to investigate sound but we will also be examining prominent inventors and their most impactful inventions ! Lessons will be a balance of theoretical discussions and practical experiments. The children will work towards recording their findings in a clear and methodical manner.


In History, children will be investigating the Anglo Saxons and how their beliefs and conflicts changed society we know today.




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