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Hello and a warm welcome to Lancasters! A lovely mix of curious and passionate young learners from years 4 and 5. We are looking forward to sharing with you all the fantastic learning that takes place in our classroom. In Lancasters, we strive to always do our best whilst having fun along the way, so please keep checking our class web page for news and updates. 

In term 6, our topic in Lancasters will be 'Landscapes'. Our Class text will begin with 'Flotsam' by David Wiesner and end with 'Hello Lighthouse' by Sophie Blackall. Children will look at a range of writing strategies to give their work depth and interest. They will also work on descriptive narratives and even try their hand at illustrative poems!




Maths will firstly focus on investigating and describing angles, looking at acute, obtuse and reflex angles. They will then progress to measuring angles on a straight line and then on a point. As the term continues children will examine properties of 2d and 3d shape. Children will continually consolidate their knowledge of numbers and develop their fluency skills  


In Science, children will look at solids liquids and gasses and they will determine changes that can occur within these materials. They will identify changes that occur through heating or cooling and investigate if this changes are reversible or irreversible. Children will first recap on the vocabulary used to describe the properties of different materials, before taking a closer look at some of them, and why materials with these properties are used for certain purposes.



For more information, please look at our Learning overview below! 


Sturton by Stow Primary School