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Hello and a warm welcome to Lancasters! A lovely mix of curious and passionate young learners from years 4 and 5. We are looking forward to sharing with you all the fantastic learning that takes place in our classroom. In Lancasters, we strive to always do our best whilst having fun along the way, so please keep checking our class web page for news and updates. 

In term 5, our topic in Lancasters will be 'Light Bulb Moment'. Our Class text will begin with  The Flower by John Light and end with 'The Day I Swapped my Dad for Two Goldfish' by Neil Gaiman. Children will look at a range of persuasive techniques whilst writing their formal letters of application to work at the 'Dangerous Library' They will also work towards building a balanced argument in regards why we should or shouldn't swap our loved ones for goldfish!!! 



Maths will firstly focus on understanding the relationship between fraction, percentages and decimals. As the term progresses children will investigate multiplying and dividing decimals, looking at how they are represented in a concrete, pictorial and abstract manner. We will continue to consolidate their 'number sense' in our fluency and calculation lessons throughout the term.  


In our History topic, we shall be learning all about the Stone age to Iron age period!!! We will use a variety of sources to help us understand how they lived in this period and to help us build valid historical questions, allowing us to compare and contrast this period with what we know today and the effect is has had on contemporary civilization.   



For more information, please look at our Learning overview below! 

Sturton by Stow Primary School