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SATs Information and Help 


Each week the children will be bringing home a new set of SATs style homework to complete. This will be handed out on a Monday and must be bought back in on the following Monday as it will be used to inform our teaching for the rest of the week. 


The homework consists of: 

  • A short 10-15 minute reading task 
  • A few pages of their CPG grammar booklet 
  • Two pages of maths work, with a different revision theme each week


What can I do to help my child or myself even more? 


Use these great free websites! 

BBC Bitesize for Grammar and Spellings

Hit the Button Maths Games

Daily 10 Maths Games

Timestable Rock Stars

Rollama Grammar Games 

Continually reading good quality year 6 level books too! Read them with your child/parent to really understand the vocabulary, and meaning behind the text. A list of good quality year 6 books is available on this website: Year 6 Books


When reading think about...

  • Why do I like this character? 
  • What makes this character creepy? 
  • Why does this setting make me feel peaceful?
  • How do I know that this character is scared right now without it telling me?


What if I'm struggling? 

  • Please don't! On Thursday lunchtimes from 12:00-12:30 there will be the opportunity to chat to myself (Miss Panter) about any parts of your homework you are struggling with. 
  • Think about who else can help you? Your parents, older sibling, auntie? Don't sit and worry, all the adults around all just want you to do the best that you can do! (Remember that handy glossary that was given our as part of your homework folder too?)
  • Maybe searching for something online for example 'What is a fronted Adverbial BBC Bitesize video'  will bring up loads of useful information, videos and mini tasks for you to complete.




What if I get it all wrong?


  • That's the whole point of your homework, yes we'll be so proud of you getting it all right, but really we want to find out what you don't know! That way it will help us to identify who may need extra help in their lessons or during intervention times. 
  • There will be loads of opportunities in the week to chat to either me, Mrs Cawte to help you out! 
  • Remember don't just sit and worry come to the classroom on a Thursday lunchtime!
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