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If you are away for longer than a few days. Check back here to access some of the learning taking place over the week in Red Arrows. 

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Last week we enjoyed reading our new class book called The Colour Monster by Anna Llenas. This week we are going to continue to base our English work around this story. I have added a link to the story on YouTube as well as a pdf version if you want to read the book together.  Find the work associated with each day below.  

Each Tuesday we have SPAG focus. This week we are learning about the prefix un-.

The Colour Monster - Read by Sherry

The Colour Monster Class Powerpoint

Wednesday 30th September

Friday 2nd October



Last week during our Maths sessions we focused how to write our numbers in words and also counted one more and one less. This week we are going to start to use the symbols < (less than) > (greater than) and = (equals to) and will use these to compare numbers and objects. Find the work for each day below. 



This term we are learning about Humans in our Science topic. This week we are learning about the last two of our five senses. Our focus senses this week are smell and taste. Do you know what parts of the body are associated with each sense? Why don't you see if you can try some things at home. At school we are going to taste lime, lemon, pomegranate, green pepper and radish. Are they sweet, sour or bitter? What other words can you use to describe the smell / taste?

Wednesday 30th September



This term we are learning about Christianity and what Christians learn about God through both the Old and New Testaments. This week we are learning about the story of Noah's Ark. Draw a picture of what happens in the story and write a sentence about what you have drawn. 

Noah's Ark

This animated bible story for kids is based on Genesis 6-9:17



In Art this week we are going to talk about primary colours. These colours can be mixed together to make other colours. A lot of artists have used primary colours in their artwork. Piet Mondrian is an artist who uses these colours in his art. Today we are going to try and recreate a piece of artwork in the style of Mondrian. 



In History this term we are learning about Our Great County and the famous locals that are from it. Last week, we learnt all about James Ward Usher. He worked in his father's shop and he dedicated his life to collecting. He was renowned for his work based around the Lincoln imp. When he died he left all his money to the Usher Gallery. This is still used as a place for people to learn and play together. This week we are learning about Alfred Lord Tennyson.  

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