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Connecting Classrooms Through Global Learning


Pupils and teachers at our school have started an exciting project with other Lincolnshire schools and partners in Uganda on an international Connecting Classrooms through Global Learning project. This project is organised and funded by the British Council.

The school we are partnered with is Buyondo Baptist Primary School. It is in South East Uganda on the edge of Lake Victoria and has 762 pupils.


The focus is the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (2015-2020), often known as the Global Goals.

Before the pandemic, there would have been reciprocal visits with teachers spending time in each others' schools, but this is currently impossible, and classes are meeting online.


We have sent letters to the pupils in Uganda about our school and written descriptions of what we can see outside our classroom window. We have also shared with them information about some of our festivals and celebrations in the UK.

In the spring, we hope to be able to complete some more shared learning once the Ugandan pupils are back in school.




Sturton by Stow Primary School