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Ideas for learning at home

If you find yourself away from the class for a short time. Here are some activity ideas to keep yourself engaged and focused during your time away. 

Lucy discovers Narnia

  • Above is a clip from 'The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe'. The little girl Lucy found her way to a wintery world called Narnia after stepping through the wardrobe. How would you feel if you were Lucy? What can she see, hear, smell, taste and touch? What adjectives can you use to describe Narnia?
  • Paint or draw a picture of a Winter scene. 
  • In Science we are looking at Everyday Materials. Go on a material hunt around your house. How many different materials can you find? Why is that material used? You wouldn't have a window made from metal as metal isn't transparent!
  • Practice your spellings at home on Spelling Shed. New ones to learn will be added fortnightly.
  • Most importantly, spend lots of time reading together. Discuss your favourite stories. Who was your favourite character and why? What did you like about it? Maybe you could write a book review or draw a picture of your favourite part.

Questions to check comprehension of reading

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