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Ideas for learning at home

If you find yourself away from the class for a short time. Here are some activity ideas to keep yourself engaged and focused during your time away. 

Meet Riley's Emotions

  • Above is a clip from Disney Pixar's film Inside Out. What emotions did we meet? Can you think of time when you felt these emotions? Chat about it to an adult at home. How are you feeling today? Is it just one of the emotions or a mixture of them? Why?
  • Paint or draw a picture of your emotions. What colours match each emotion?
  • Our body is an amazing thing. Each part has a job to do. How many parts of the body can you name? Do you know what job they do?
  • Exercise plays an important role in keeping our bodies healthy. How many star jumps can you do? Can you hop on one leg? How high can you jump? Try some cosmic yoga.
  • Practice your spellings at home on Spelling Shed. New ones to learn will be added fortnightly.
  • Most importantly, spend lots of time reading together. Discuss your favourite stories. Who was your favourite character and why? What did you like about it? Maybe you could write a book review or draw a picture of your favourite part.

Questions to check comprehension of reading

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