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Sturton by Stow Primary School


Our History curriculum at Sturton-by-Stow is structured so there is opportunity for repetition and consolidation of key concepts and historical skills. We follow a two year rolling programme with planned progression meaning children are increasingly challenged as they move through the school. We use the idea of concepts to ensure children can gain the most out of our curriculum and can see history as a continuous timeline rather than isolated events of the past. We encourage these concepts to be taught explicitly in lessons and revisited to make connections through different points in our past. This is supported via our school timeline, where classes visit every term to understand where their unit of history is in relation to other units of time they have studied, enabling them to develop a broad historical understanding.


Knowledge Organisers which encompass an overview of each historical unit of work, are also sent home at the start of each unit, for the children to read and develop their understanding. At Sturton, history is taught 3 of the 6 terms and is where possible linked to English texts and activities so that children are able to see an increased purpose to their learning and transfer skills between subjects. During our history lessons we encourage teachers to take an inclusive attitude to the children’s learning to use drama and art to allow all types of learners to access our curriculum. We also encourage there to be a piece of writing developed over the term which can show the children understand and develop the links between English writing and non-core curriculum subjects.

Sturton by Stow Primary School