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Welcome to Vulcans' Class  

Term 1

'Time Machine'

Welcome to Vulcans' (Year 2 and 3) class page. 

Time travel is our theme this term as we remember the end of WWI. 

Please have a little read about what we will be doing this term.




We will begin with poetry this year and consider colour, as we discuss things we recognise before beginning to think about emotions as colours etc. We will also link poetry to our WW1 work and choose words carefully as we plan and edit poems.  Newspaper report writing will be our focus later in the term as we read and investigate how newspapers are written and the language that is used before writing our own linked to traditional tales.  We will finish by writing reports of animal heroes from WW1.



Year 2s and 3s will complete different tasks linked to their own year's curriculum but the topics will be the same for all.  We will start with place value and number and we investigate the value of different numbers including hundreds, tens and ones.  We will move on to addition and subtraction and will use a range of methods including mental methods and more formal calculations.  The children will be encouraged to explain their thinking as we work.



This term the children will be 'Working Scientifically' and investigating different states of matter.  They will  investigate a range of solids, liquids and gases and will ask questions about heating, cooling, evaporation and condensation as well as planning and conducting experiments and finding out more about the water cycle.

Topic- History

The topic is WW1 linked to the centenary of the end of WW1 in 1918.  We will investigate how the war started as well as who was involved.  We will find out about the war from a local perspective and how lives were affected for all day to day.  We will research about life in the trenches as well as the role of women during the war.

Design and Technology

Materials is our topic in design and technology and we will be making our own rag toys.  The children will need to measure accurately and join materials together.  They will practise sewing and will choose the resources and equipment they would like to use.  We will spend time discussing any difficulties we have and how we can overcome these as we evaluate our working.



Multi-Pro Sports will continue their sessions.  This term they will focus on 'games' on a Tuesday afternoon.   The second session will be continuing a focus on these skills as we learn about tennis and improve our accuracy with a ball and racket.


Please make sure your child has their PE kit in school during the term.  Thank you.



In RE, we will be learning about the key beliefs of Judaism. The belief in one God, belief that the people of Israel are the chosen people of God, belief that God has entered into a series of contracts (covenants) with his chosen people) and looking at their practices.



This term our school value that we think about in more detail will be learning.  We will consider how we like to learn, and how it is our responsibility to try to learn as best we can.  We will consider how having a question mind can help as well as our school learning behaviours.



We will learning the ukulele in the first two terms, including the different parts.  Each child will have an instrument as we learn how to strum and pluck the 4 strings as well as learning about the different lengths of the notes.


Work at Home

A piece of homework, either maths, english or topic will be given out on a Friday.  This will always add to and link in with what we are learning in class.  This homework is due back on the following Wednesday.  The spellings will also be given out on a Friday, ready for testing the following Friday,  these words link directly with the Year 2 and Year 3 English curriculum. 

Please, please, please keep reading with your child as this has a massive effect on their school work and helps them in all areas of their education.

Please speak to me if you have any questions or concerns.


Thank you

Mrs Bole

Sturton by Stow Primary School