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Welcome to Vulcans' Class  

Term 3

'Ancient Egypt'

Welcome to Vulcans' (Year 2 and 3) class page. 

Ancient Egypt will be our exciting topic for this term and our learning behaviour is collaboration. 





This term we will start with some poetry work, looking in particular at pattern and rhyme in poems.  We will study some classic poems like The Owl and the Pussycat as we investigate the language used and rhythm.  We will move on to historical story writing using some different Ancient Egyptians stories and myths as a starting point.  We will use what we find out in history lessons to give us some background, detail and inspiration for our stories too.



We will continue with multiplication and division to start the term as we solve a range of problems including missing number sentences.  We will then use a range of calculations as we become more confident with money and making amounts with a range of coins. The year 3s will calculate ever complex money problems including giving change from larger amounts.



In science this term we will be investigating forces and magnets.  We will be comparing how things move on a range of different surfaces.  We will observe how magnets attract or repel each other and attract some materials and not others.

Topic- History

We will be learning about the Ancient Egyptians and why they were such an influential part of history.  We will consider their everyday lives as well as farming and the importance of the Nile in establishing them as a great nation.  We will learn about the pyramids and what lay within.  We will compare their  beliefs about the different gods and the afterlife to what different people believe today.   We will also find out about mummification and why this was practised!

Design and Technology

We will be focusing on mechanics this term and in particular levers and their vital role in many machines.  For our practical sessions we will link this to our topic of Ancient Egypt and the clever irrigation invention of the shaduf which was used to draw water from the Nile to irrigate the fields.



We will be learning about dance and will be using our topic of the Ancient Egyptians to inspire us for ideas.  We will carefully link movements together to create dance phrases.   For our second session each week, we will further improve our dance skills with instructors from MSP (Multi Sports Pro).


Please make sure your child has their PE kit in school during the term.  Thank you.



We will be thinking about how Muslim beliefs affect the way people live their lives and considering what the Qur'an teaches Muslims about how they should treat others. We will look at the shahadah (statement of faith) and how they believe in the importance of serving others and showing compassion.



The subject for this term is 'diversity' and we will spend time thinking about what makes us all different but how we are all the same.  We will also consider how our differences make the world a more colourful place.






This term we will be singing a variety of songs including rounds with two or three parts and have fun improvising melodies.  We will be learning about repeated patterns with both tuned and percussion instruments.


Work at Home

A piece of homework, either maths, english or topic will be given out on a Friday.  This will always add to and link in with what we are learning in class.  This homework is due back on the following Wednesday.  The spellings will also be given out on a Friday, ready for testing the following Friday,  these words link directly with the Year 2 and Year 3 English curriculum. 

Please, please, please keep reading with your child as this has a massive effect on their school work and helps them in all areas of their education.

Please speak to me if you have any questions or concerns.


Thank you

Mrs Bole

Sturton by Stow Primary School