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Welcome to Vulcans' Class  

Term 2

'How Things Work'

Welcome to Vulcans' (Year 2 and 3) class page. 

'How things work' will be our focus until Christmas as we investigate light in Science.  This also fits brilliantly with our learning behaviour for the term which is curiosity and questioning. 





We will begin this term looking at the structure of non-chronological reposts and the different features these include.  We will look at 'giants'; those from story books as well as real life giants as we write our own reports.  Mystery and suspense writing will be our focus later in the term as we read some Charles Dickens and try our own suspense writing looking at 'A Christmas Carol' for inspiration!  We will continue a big focus on vocabulary as we investigate the language used by Mr Dickens and try to improve and widen our choice of words throughout the term too!



The Year 2s and 3s will continue to complete different tasks linked to their own year's curriculum.  We will spend one week finishing our work on addition and subtraction before moving on to multiplication and division.  We will begin by considering equal groups and the relationship between multiplication and division.  Year 2s will be focusing on x2, x5 and x10, whilst year 3s will work with x3, x4 and x8.  Please continue with Times Tables Rock Stars to help too.



This term we will be investigating light and how it is reflected from surfaces, including investigating mirrors.  We will also be finding out about how shadows are formed.  We will recognise how light is necessary in order to see and that darkness is the absence of light.  We will investigate our greatest light source;  the sun and how important it is, but that we need to protect our eyes from light too.

Topic- Geography

Countries around the world is our Geography topic and we will locate different countries using maps.   We will find out about what 'biomes' are and look at these different environments for Canada, USA, Brazil, Chile, Russia & Greece.  We will also investigate the human and physical features of these countries as we research them in groups and present what we have found out to others.

Design and Technology

Electricals will be our DT subject this term as we use prior knowledge about electricity to build circuits in a practical context.  We will be planning and constructing small cardboard houses which will light up from inside, which fits in brilliantly with our science work on light.  We will also consider the decoration of our work and evaluate it carefully to consider how we have progressed and what we might improve further.



We will be learning and developing skills connected to benchball.  In the second session, we will further improve our gymnastics skills with instructors from MSP.


Please make sure your child has their PE kit in school during the term.  Thank you.



In RE, we will be continuing to learn about Judaism. We will be thinking about how and where Jewish people worship and the way Shabbat is celebrated each week. We will also learn about some of the Key festivals, e.g. Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Sukkot and Hanukkah.



This term the school value that we investigate will be 'Aiming High'.  We will discuss being positive and having a 'can do' attitude to help us achieve our goals.  We will also find out about setting small and achievable steps to help us succeed.



We will learning the ukulele in the first two terms, including the different parts.  Each child will have an instrument as we learn how to strum and pluck the 4 strings as well as learning about the different lengths of the notes.


Work at Home

A piece of homework, either maths, english or topic will be given out on a Friday.  This will always add to and link in with what we are learning in class.  This homework is due back on the following Wednesday.  The spellings will also be given out on a Friday, ready for testing the following Friday,  these words link directly with the Year 2 and Year 3 English curriculum. 

Please, please, please keep reading with your child as this has a massive effect on their school work and helps them in all areas of their education.

Please speak to me if you have any questions or concerns.


Thank you

Mrs Bole

Sturton by Stow Primary School