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Term 3

Earth and Space



In English this term, we will be continuing to think about writing narratives and sharing stories about survival. We will explore the use of a range of descriptive devices to create effective images for our readers. We will also be looking in depth at the sci - fi genre and thinking about its key features. We will explore the story, 'The War of the Worlds; written by H.G. Wells and find out about the impact this story had upon its readers at the time it was written. We will also be writing non - fiction linked to our Science topic of earth and space.


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In Maths we will be focussed on developing our understanding of fractions decimals and percentages. We will be looking for connections and patterns which link these areas together and thinking about how we can convert between them. Another important area will be calculation this term. We have worked hard to build our skills with multiplication, division, addition and subtraction and now need to develop how confident we are when we put them into action.




We will be exploring the topic of Earth and Space in Science this term. We will be finding out about the relative sizes of the planets in our solar system and the similarities and differences between them. We will be thinking about the way the planets move around the sun. We will also be investigating why we have day and night and why the sun appears to move across the sky.



In Geography this term will be investigating natural resources versus manmade resources. We will explore how natural resources are used to produce energy and electricity. We will investigate how renewable forms of energy are being put to use across Lincolnshire. We will also look at different parts of the world and where natural resources come from. We will be considering the positives and negatives when using some forms of reusable energy and debating them in class.








This term we will be exploring Hinduism in RE. We will be finding out about the key features of this religion and how Hindus reflect their faith in the way in which they live. We will be investigating karma and how this drives the cycle of samsara. Considering samskaras will mean that we find out about the rites of passage which are important within this religion. We will also be considering how a Hindu might seek to achieve moksha.


This term we will be working with our visiting teachers from MSP in PE. We will explore a range of team and invasion games, practising our skills and developing our teamwork. Spitfires will need their PE kit on Mondays and Tuesdays.


The subject for this term is 'Good To Be Me'. We will be thinking about what makes each of us individual and special and the skills and talents which make us unique. We will be considering how to look for and celebrate the positives in each of us.




Spitfires class will receive spellings each Tuesday. They will recieve maths and english/topic homework weekly on a Friday and this needs to be returned to school the following Thursday.

There will be a homework 'workshop' on Wednesday lunch time for any children who have questions about or need any support with homework.


Thank you for all of your continued support.


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