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Reception and Year 1


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Term 1 Learning Behaviour: 




The first learning behaviour that we will be focusing on is 'Independence'.  We will be encouraging the children to develop independence, deciding when they can do things for themselves and when they might need help. We will encourage the children to access the classroom provision independently and decide on their own ways to do things and how to solve problems without help. 

Term 1 - Time Machine WW1 and All About Me



Our topic for this term is

‘Time Machine - WW1'

We will learn all about what it was like in our local area during World War 1. We will think about what life would have been like for people living during this time and compare it to today. We will become 'historians' and use artefacts and photographs to find clues that tell us what it was like in the past.

In Science, we will learn about animals and humans and make comparisons. We will think about the human body and how amazing we are. 

In RE we will think about what is important to us and why, comparing this to what is important to others. 

In PSHE we will consider New Beginnings and think about what it is like to start somewhere or something new, how this feels and how we manage this.  


Part of our theme for this term is All About Me! We will be finding out about the children’s interests and what they like to do. From this, we will plan exciting activities. We will also be thinking about how we keep healthy, how to look after ourselves and others, why rules are important, our environment, as well as getting used to routines and expectations – a very busy term!



In Maths this term, we will focus on counting and ordering numbers. We will work on recognising numerals and matching digits to an amount. Year 1's will begin to work on place value and solving addition and subtraction problems. 



In Phonics this term we will learn the Phase 2 sounds beginning with the sounds: s,a,t,p,i,n. We will begin to sound out words using our 'phoneme fingers' to help. We will work on reading and recognising the tricky words (words which cannot be sounded out) I, no, go, to, the, into

Year 1 children will consolidate all of the Phase 2 and 3 sounds and begin to learn the new Phase 5 sounds. 


Reading and Writing 

Tiger Moths will bring home a book to share with you. Please remember to record every time you  read with your child in their Reading Record. Books are currently changed once a week, this gives plenty of time for you to:

* read the story to your child first

* discuss the pictures

* talk about the characters, their reactions, why they behave as they do

* allow your child to read to you, encouraging them to use their phoneme fingers

* ask your child to read the book through a 2nd or 3rd time to help boost their confidence

* pick out individual words out of context, encourage your child to use their phoneme fingers to sound them out

* think of a new ending for the story or make up a new story about the characters 


This term we will focus on name writing and forming our letters correctly. Year 1 children will write about stories in whole sentences and begin to make up their own stories. 

We will read stories with familiar settings and anticipate key events. 




PE is on a Thursday and is taught by a specialist sports coach. This term we will be doing Games.

Please make sure PE kits are clearly labelled and in school everyday. 

Show and Tell:

Parents will be informed when it is their child’s turn for Show and Tell.

It will continue to take place on a Friday afternoon and Reception children can bring in something related to the topic. 

This term it would be great if the children could bring in something that is special to them. It might be their favourite toy or a photograph of their family, a favourite game, book, or a picture they have drawn. It can be absolutely anything that tells us what they feel is important. 


Other Information

Remember water bottles (filled with water only please), PE kits, book bags and reading records need to be in school every day. Please also make sure all belongings are clearly labelled with your child's name.

If you have any worries or concerns, we are always happy to help!


The Tiger Moths Team



Sturton by Stow Primary School