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Red Arrows

Red Arrows Class

Year 1 and 2

Term 2

Learning Behaviour: Curiosity and Questioning 

This term we will ensure there are many opportunities to ignite the children's curiosity in order to motivate them to ask careful, purposeful questions.




'Science Exposition'




This term the majority of our writing will be inspired by the stories 'The Storm Whale' and 'The Storm Whale in Winter' by Benji Davies.   We will write a journal from the main character's point of view, perform storm themed poetry, create a fact file about whales and write a retell of the story in third person.  We will enjoy lots of drama activities and group discussions to develop our inference skills and portray our understanding of the stories.  We will experience other fiction and non fiction books based around whales. 



Year 1 children will move onto phase 4 in phonics.  They will practise blending carefully, particularly words with adjacent consonants. They will practise reading and writing these words in a variety of contexts.  Year 2 children will continue to learn new spelling patterns and look closely at how suffixes and prefixes are used in the books we read.


To begin the term we will continue learning how to add and subtract.  The children will learn how to add and subtract using concrete materials, number lines and pictorial representations.  The children will learn how to find a missing number and learn number facts.  On top of this, year 2 children will learn how to add and subtract when crossing ten, investigate number bonds to 100 and explore adding 3 one digit numbers. 

'Animals and Humans' is our science topic this term.  We will group animals in different ways according to their classification, structure and features.  We will research animals that are carnivores, herbivores and omnivores, investigate the basic needs of animals and also learn about their offspring.  We will discuss a wide variety of animals, with a special focus on animals from the ocean!

We will be learning the names of continents and oceans and locating them on a map and a globe.  We will research the different features of each continent including the animals and its climate.  We will develop an awareness that most continents are made up of lots of countries. 



This term we will learn about how Christians express their beliefs.  We will learn more about the church, worship, The Bible, prayer and baptism. 


Our topic this term will be 'friendship'.  We will learn about what it means to have a 'best friend' and learn how to make new friends. 



PE will be on Thursday and Friday afternoons.  Please make sure your child's PE kit is in school on these days.


Homework and spellings

Homework will be set on a Friday and will be due in on the following Wednesday.  Children will receive weekly spellings - handed out on a Tuesday and tested the following Tuesday.

Reading books

If your child needs their reading book changing, please encourage them to put their book bag in the box in the reading area and it will be changed that day.  Please try to listen to your child read as much as possible as it makes a huge difference in all areas of their learning!


Thank you for your continued support!  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to speak to us on the playground or contact us through the office. 



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