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Learning Behaviours


Through 2017-18 we are launching our Learning Behaviours in school. Learning Behaviours are fundamental behaviours or characteristics which help people to learn. We have put a lot of thought into which behaviours we think are most important for learning and we have decided to focus on the following:


- Independence

- Curiosity & Questioning

- Positive Attitude

- Perseverance & Resilience

- Collaboration (working together)

- Creative and Critical Thinking


The essential idea is that by teaching, coaching and encouraging the children in these behaviours, their overall capability for learning is enhanced – improving their ability to learn in any subject or area. In addition, these are all essential life skills which will help to prepare the children for their future in an ever-changing world.

To help us to introduce Learning Behaviours into school, the children designed a series of characters to illustrate each behaviour. We have also added some simple definitions to aid understanding.

In Term 1 we will be focusing on ‘Independence’.

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Our English is taught through a series of units across the year,  These are based on genres of writing and incorporate the other areas of the English curriculum.


We use the White Rose Maths Hub resources to deliver our maths curriculum.

Topic Learning

Our topics include all areas of the curriculum linked together where possible and appropriate.

Each topic is launched with a whole school 'wow' event and ends with a whole school celebration event.

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Sturton by Stow Primary School