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Wider Curriculum Ideas

Book Review Template

A lovely way to relax is to read a book where you can wrap yourself up in an adventure, meet magical creatures or maybe visit a different world.  As you read different books over the next few weeks why not write a book review and share it with us through your class email address.  You could use the template below to record your ideas or write your thoughts about the book in your home journal.

Lots of science ideas can be explored at home using every day items.  They don't take long to set up and can be fun for all the family.  Take a look at some of the resources below to help you get started and have some fun with science at home!

If you like these activites why not visit the STEM website to explore what other science you might do at home.


You could also visit the page below to watch some short videos of science experiements; maybe even try some of them yourselves.


If you would like to flex your Geographers muscles over the next few weeks then the site below is a great place to start.  Packed with lots of online games linked to different Geography topics it's great fun with lots to learn.




Musical Bingo

Play a game of musical bingo with your family! Make a musical bingo grid for each player - each player’s grid should have the same squares in a different order. Play a music playlist or listen to the radio until a player has got ‘bingo’ by crossing off a row.

Musical Research

Pick a composer or songwriter. Do some research online or in a book and try to find out about their musical journey. How did they learn to sing or play music? Did they practise a lot or wing it? Were there any important people or life events that influenced how they make music?

Design Technology

Create your own crazy golf course with things found in the house or garden. Make your course as easy or challenging as you like. How about including a moving obstacle? Challenge someone to a game and see what they think of your course. Don’t forget to keep score! If you want to do this indoors or don’t have space outside, why not try a mini table top version? Create smaller obstacles and use a marble and pencil as your ball and club!



Research Aboriginal art to discover how images can be created using doots and textures. Which other artists used this technique?  Can you create your own Aboriginal art using similar techniques?



If you would like to spend some time over the next few weeks learning or developing a language the website below is free and really useful.  It does need a grown up to create an accont but then everything  is free from that point.



Useful Websites

Pobble 365 (

This is a great website which uploads a different image every day.  The images are brilliant, and you can even access images that have previously been uploaded.

Each image comes attached with:

  • A story starter
  • A sentence challenge
  • Comprehension questions
  • ‘Sick’ sentences (sentences that need improvement and correction)
  • Other challenges relevant to the image

Children could complete just one challenge each day related to the image.


Literacy Shed ( and Maths Shed (

Literacy Shed is filled with videos and images that are brilliant stimuli for writing.

Maths Shed contains lots of brilliant challenges and visuals for children to try.


Twinkl (

This is a teaching resource website with resources for all subject areas and year groups.  A lot of the material is year group specific which will help with finding suitable activities.

This is normally a paid for service, but they are offering 1 month free access for parents and teachers.  To sign up and gain access, go to the link above and use the code UKTWINKLHELPS.


BBC Learning (

This site is no longer updated, but there is loads available.  No TV licence is needed, apart from for BBC iPlayer content.


National Geographic (

Lots of activities and quizzes


Topmarks (

This is a database of online children’s apps.


Oxford Owl (

Lots of free reading resources

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