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Weekly Challenges

Staying Connected

We will  be sharing regular fun challenges on here and on our Facebook page. 

Please share these with your children and encourage them to take part.


You are welcome to share their answers and ideas on the Facebook page. 

We would love to see the children’s work and what they have been up to.

Week Nine Challenge

This week we are setting a challenge to learn a new skill.  We would like you to learn a little bit about sign language.  Fingerspelling is a method of spelling words using hand movements. The fingerspelling alphabet is used in sign language to spell out names of people and places for which there is not a sign . Learn the British Sign Language Finger Spelling alphabet and record yourself signing your name. You could share your new skill by emailing your film to your class teacher using your class email.


You could use the charts below to help you or visit:



Week Eight Challenges:

Our first challenge this week is an art challenge! If  you like drawing there's lots of inspiration around at the moment, with illustrators offering free online tutorials to help us all improve.

The site below is a website from author and illustrator Rob Biddulph, who's written books including Grrrrr! about a bear called Fred who loses his growl.

His videos, show us how to create everything from a sausage dog to our very own Fred Bear.


If you choose to have a go with one of Rob's creations don't forget to share it with your class teacher through your class email.


Challenge 2

Challenge 2 this week is to create as many words as you can from the letters in our school name.  Remember you can only use the letters in the name.  Let us know how many words you have made.


Sturton By Stow Primary School





Week Seven Challenge:

This weeks challenge is an art challenge.  We would like you to draw a keyhole and what you might see if you look through it.  It can be somewhere magical, beautiful, scary, etc. Use your imagination and have fun.


If you decide to try this weeks challange and would like to share your artwork with us, don't forget that you can email pictures to your class teacher using your class email.  We would love to see them!

Week Six Challenges

Over the next few weeks there are some special dates coming up.  This weeks challenge is to create a window poster to celebrate some of them with passers by.  Why not try creating a window poster for some or all of the events happening below.  You could share some of your creations with your class teacher using your class email.


Venn Diagram

If you fancy a real challenge this week then maybe this is the task for you.  Can you identify what the labels would be for each circle to make our Venn Diagram work correctly?


Chocolate Fun!!

Can you and your family identify each of the bars of chocolate from the image of the inside of the bar.  This one is quite tricky!!


Week Five Challenges

The Alphabet Game!  Can you find a word for each category beginning with each of the letters of the alphabet?  Have a go and see how far you can get - without asking Google or Alexa!! You could play in family teams and if you complete our challenge why not set some new categories of your own?




As the weather warms up and we are able to get out in our gardens more it's lovely to see all the birds that are regular visitors.  Why not invite them in by providing them with a place to settle, eat and drink?  This weeks challenge is to make a bird feeder out of a recyled milk bottle to enouraged our feathered friends to visit.  Why not send your class teacher a picture of any you make and decorate?


Week Four Challenge

This week we are setting you a lego challenge.  Below there are 30 days worth of challenges for you to build different things with your lego or building blocks at home.  If you make something amazing and want to share what you have spent time doing then please remember to send photographs to your class pages and your teachers will pop them on facebook and share.



Week Three Challenges

This week we are setting some maths challenges for everyone.  There are 3 challenge sheets below one for Year 1 & 2, Year 3 & 4 and Year 5 & 6.  Each challenge sheet is packed with maths you can do around your home.  Have fun!


Week Two Challenges

Your first challenge this week is to identify the 3 objects below.  Can you identify what they might be from these up close images? If you would like to, you could email us with any suggestions you and your family come up with.  We will reveal the answers next week!


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6

Spot the difference!

Challenge 2: Can you spot the 5 differences between the 2 images?  If you enjoy this challenge you can find lots more to complete with your family online.

Picture 1

International Space Station


The international Space Station is visible in the skies over Lincoln this week as it circles the earth.  Your challenge is to see if you and your family can spot the station from your garden on one of the evenings it is visible.  It appears as a bright light in the sky that looks a bit like a star.  It does not flash and it moves quite quickly across the sky.

The times it is visible are below and if you want to find out more you can visit the NASA website.


Monday: 8.01pm East South East

Tuesday: 8.46pm West to South East

Wednesday: 9.34pm West to South South West

Thuhrsday: 8.47pm West South West to South South East

Sturton by Stow Primary School