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Week beginning 20th July


For our last few days of term we have chosen some fun art and craft activities for you to do.  Have a look through the different options and choosen one or two that you would like to complete.  Have fun and be creative and remember to send any photos of what you create to us using the Spitfires or Red Arrows class emails.

Finger Painting:

One of the quickest and easiest arts and crafts ideas is finger painting. It's quick, fun and messy!! Can you make dots? Can you make stripes? What colours are you using? Grab an ink pad or paints and make finger-painted animals, characters or decorate cardboard Easter eggs. How many different animals can you make out of finger prints?  Watch the Youtube video below and try these 16 Cute and Easy Finger Painting ideas from 5 Minute Crafts…

Home Made Bath Bomb:

This is a really exciting activity to try at home. It doubles up as two things to do – make the bath bombs, then have a bath and watch them fizz! We like this tutorial by BBC Good Food because it’s super simple and use baking moulds you already have in the kitchen. You can enjoy using the moulds to make different shaped bath bombs!

Paper Fortune Teller:

No special supplies needed for this timeless kids activity. Just grab a sheet of paper, cut and fold to make a fortune teller game. It’s easiest to show you rather than explain how, so here’s a video by Kidspot for How to make a paper fortune teller.

Cardboard Labyrinth:

Watch the Youtube video below to find out how to make a cardboard labrynth from a cardboard box.  This can then be used to make your own marble run game.



If you enjoyed this activity or would just like to make a different type of marble run amtogether then take a look at the site below which has lots of similar fun ideas.

Sturton by Stow Primary School