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Lockdown Video Challenge No2

Lockdown Challenge No2 - Video 6

Ok, we have definitely saved a cracker for our last video. We hope you enjoy trying to guess who everyone is from their photos. #lockdown2020 #teamsbs #sbsro...

Lockdown Challenge No2 - Video 5

So the last but one installment of our Lockdown Challenge. Some amazing questions from our pupils yet again, and some great answers from our wonderful staff....

Lockdown Challenge No2 - Video 4

So the children have challenged the staff at SBS with some pretty tough questions, which some fantastic answers #videochallenge #lockdown2020 #sbsrocks

Lockdown Challenge No 2 - Video 3

What an amazing question from one of our pupils, who knew we had such talented staff! You can see their songs in full on our YouTube page

Lockdown Challenge No 2 - Video 2

Here is the next of our videos in response to questions/challenges from our pupils. We hope you enjoy it

Lockdown Challenge No2 - Video One

The first of our second SBS Lockdown Video Challenges We hope you enjoy it. Let us know which you think is the funniest joke and which is your favorite video...

Sturton by Stow Primary School