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Ideas for learning at home

INSIDE OUT - Ideas for Home Learning Term 1

This term we will be talking all about our feelings based around the Disney film Inside Out. We will also focus on counting and recognising numbers to 5 and beyond. In Phonics we will focus on our listening skills. In English, we will read and retell lots of different stories and learn nursery rhymes. We will spend time talking about our family and discussing how we change and grow and use vocabulary related to time. 


Here are some activities for you to try if you have to spend time at home:

  • Watch the film Inside Out and draw a picture of your favourite character. How are you feeling today? Which character do you feel most like? Why? Talk about this with your grown-up. Maybe you feel a mixture of the characters!
  • Go on a sound walk around the house - can you imitate the sounds of different objects you find? Close your eyes and ask a grown-up to make a sounds with different household objects. Can you guess what they are?
  • Draw a story map of We're Going on a Bear Hunt, Harry and the Dinosaurs go to School or Black Dog
  • Practise counting to 5 and back to 0. Can you find and recognise different numbers around the house? Can you count out that number of objects to match. If you are feeling really clever you could try and write the numbers 0 - 5. Can you put the numbers 0 - 5 in the right order from smallest to greatest?
  • Draw a picture of your family and label it. Who is the oldest? Who is the youngest?
  • Find some photos of you as baby - talk about how you have grown and changed. What can you do now that you couldn't before? 
  • Find a new nursery rhyme you haven't heard before - practise saying it out loud until you know it off by heart. 


Most importantly, spend lots of time reading together. Talk about your favourite stories and characters and have a go at retelling and acting out a book you have read. 

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