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Ideas for learning at home

What is Your Superpower? Ideas for home learning Term 3

This term we will focus on Superheroes! But not just Superheroes in the traditional sense. We will talk about everyday superheroes such as nurses, doctors, police officers etc. We will discuss our own aspirations and think about what we want to be when we grow up. 


We will spend the term, as always, reading lots of wonderful stories including Winter's Child and Traction Man and Supertato! We will also read The Snow Queen and makes links with the story Frozen. 


Please see our Knowledge Overview for more detailed information on what we will be learning this term.



Here are some activities for you to try if you have to spend time at home:

  • Practise your sound flashcards. Can you make any 3 letter CVC (consonant, vowel, consonant) words from the sounds we have learnt? Can you write the words? Can you write a sentence with the words?
  • Practise reading and writing our tricky words - the, to, I, no, go, into, he, she, me, we, be 
  • Draw a story map of Little Red Riding Hood or another favourite traditional tale. Can you retell the story?
  • Practise making a total of 5 in different ways. Can you write the number sentence to match? Can you make 6?
  • Draw a snow scene just like some of the beautiful illustrations from the story Winter's Child.
  • Find out some information about people who help us. Choose a job such as carer, nurse, farmer, police officer or fire fighter and find out a little more about what they do. Can you draw a picture of what you want to be when you grow up?
  • We are going to be thinking about different materials this term. What do you think would be the best material to make a raincoat? Why? Can you experiment with different pieces of material? Which one is best and why?


Most importantly, spend lots of time reading together. Talk about your favourite stories and characters and have a go at retelling and acting out a book you have read. 

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