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Sturton by Stow Primary School

Home Learning Week Commencing: 30.03.20

Maths Home Learning


Hello Tornadoes! Welcome to your 2nd week of home learning! From all the messages I've received, you are all doing such a good job! Your efforts have been magnificent!! Keep it up!! Below again, you will find worksheets (in both word and PDF format). You will also, on some days, find a PowerPoint, that will allow you to practice and retrieve strategies and ideas in mathematical areas before you attempt the questions.

English Home Learning


Welcome again to your daily English Home Learning. Below you will find questions and documents (in word and PDF format). You will also find PowerPoints that focus on our visual literacy. Most of the activities have been covered in previous learning and some other activities require you to tap into your fantastic imaginations! Keep it going everyone, its lovely to see all the effort you have put in at home!

Sturton by Stow Primary School