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Home Learning Week Commencing 27.04.20

Welcome to your 4th week of home learning!


I hope you have had a good week and got on well with your home learning. It has been lovely to see emails from some of you with all the amazing things you have been up to! Please continue to email me any of your home learning or activities you've been up to, I love seeing them.



On this page you will find a daily English and Maths activity, we will have covered everything on these already in our class learning, so hopefully nothing will be a massive surprise to you!


Most of the work shall be worksheet based, either print these out and stick into your home learning book, or write them up as best you can in your books, that way all your home learning is kept organised in one place! 


On this page, you can also find two new projects.


This term we were supposed to be learning all about living things and their habitats during our Science lessons, so I have incorporated the topic into your new project! There's lots of different ideas and tasks you could carry out at home.  


The second project has been created by Mrs Hodges, which focuses on using the online website Charanga, that we often use in our Music lessons!



Remember if there is anything you are unsure about, or would like to show me some of your amazing work- I'd love to see it! Please email:

Maths Home Learning!


For your maths home learning this week we are focusing on multiples and factors, use your knowledge of times tables to help you work out the questions. You will need to use your arithmetic, reasoning and problem solving skills to help you!

Keep up going on TTRocks, this will really help you over the next few weeks when we our home learning focuses on multipication and divison. 

English Home Learning 


This week, for English home learning there shall be a variety of activities, including grammar, writing and reading comprehension.

On Monday your English activity is a short grammar test, the back page is the answers so you can mark it yourselves, remember to only use the answers to mark it! 


If you are unsure of any of the terminology (especially on the grammar sheets), BBC Bitesize KS2 Grammar resources are really useful and often have a great cartoon video to help you understand it easily! 

Living Things and Their Habitats Project


On this document you shall find a multitude of different activities for you to complete as part of your learning. They focus on the different areas, which we would have covered this term for our Science! 


Charanga Project! 


During our music lessons we often use the programme Charanga to guide us, Mrs Hodges has very kindly set up our own class page for us to be able to do some music! 


The document below outlines how you can access Charanga. 


Where can I look for help? What if I need more to do? 


Below, I have created a document showing some really useful websites to continue your learning! These websites will help you to secure your learning in what we've already covered this year, or discover something completely new! 

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