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Home Learning Week Commencing: 23.03.20

Hi everyone,

Welcome to our first week of home learning.


This week each day there is a piece of learning linked to both maths and english.  Try to complete both if you can and place your answers in your home learning book.  If you are able, it's fine to print out worksheets and work on those too.  Try to keep all your work organised so that when we come back together at school we can all share and enjoy the learning we have been doing.


On our website page there are also two projects that you can have a go at.  One project is linked to our class theme of Navigators where you are invited to complete at least one of the several tasks.  If you would like to do more than one of the different activities that would be great too!  For those of you who like to be creative there is also an art task linked to the famous artist Picasso. 


Remember, if you have a day where you would like to do a little bit more or something different you also have your 10 for 10 booklets in your red folder too.  Choose things that you are going to have some fun doing!


We hope you first day of home learning goes really well and you enjoy lots of the things you are completing.



Ernest Shacklton Project


This week in maths we will be using the Whiterose site below.  There is a short video to accompany each of the daily worksheets if you would like to watch it, and there is an answer sheet so you can check how you are getting on.


If you would like to complete other maths topics or complete a bit more maths some days, remember that you have your booklets in your red folder to have a go with too.



This week we are using a pack of learning based around one of my favourite series of books; Harry Potter.  Each day there are several different tasks to complete as we explore some of the chapters from the books.


Remember to keep reading your favourite books too and maybe try one of the books you have taken home from the classroom.  You could write a review about it to help others decide if they would like to read it too.

Website of the Week:

Each week I will add a website onto our page that you may not have seen before for you to try.  This week I would like you to take a look at 'Blockly'  which is a website rather like scratch.  It allows you to work through a series of short tasks to develop your understanding of computing and the different stages involved.  It's really easy to use and lots of fun.  Take a look and see what you think.



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