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Home Learning Week Commencing 23/03/20



Daily Learning:


Day Maths English


What 2D shapes can you see in the picture? 

Can you create your own shape picture (you might want to use some shapes to draw around). Colour your shapes in different colours e.g. triangles red, squares blue etc.

Extension - go on a 2D shape hunt around your house. What shapes can you see?                                                 

Practise writing the tricky words in your best cursive handwriting:

was, me, be, my, some, come

Can you choose 2 and write a sentence using those words?

Extension - write a sentence for all the words. 







Can you write numbers 1-10? Draw pictures to go with your numbers. e,g, 1 flower, 2 ladybirds, 3 sweets etc.

Keep practising any numbers you find tricky.

Extension - write the numbers in words too. 

Write a sentence (or 2) about the picture. e.g. The ducks are in the pond.

Remember capital letters, full stops and finger spaces. 

Extension - write a story to go with the picture. 





Describe the capacity of the different containers using words like full, almost full, half full, empty etc. 

Draw three containers in your red book (ask an adult to help) colour one to show it is full, one to show it is half full and one to show it is almost full. 

Ask your child to read this sentence (you might want to write it in their red book).

Jill has fair hair but Jack has dark hair. 

Draw a picture in your book to match the sentence. 

Extension - do the same for the sentence:

I can hear an owl hoot at night.


Write numbers 1-6 (twice) on post its or small pieces of paper/card. Mix up the 2 sets of numbered cards and place them face down. Pick 2 random numbers and add them together, counting on from the bigger number. Repeat. Write your number sentences in your red book. 

Extension: add in numbers 7 - 10.


You could also do this activity with dominoes, adding the 2 numbers together on the domino piece.






If possible, sign into the Phonics Play website 

The user name is march20 and the password is home

Have a go at the game Make A Match - ai, ee, igh

If you are not able to access this, write some words with the ai, ee and igh sounds in your red book (e.g. chain, rain, sheep, sleep, night, light). If you can, draw a picture to match.

Extension - pick an ai, ee or igh  word and write a sentence with that word in. 


Have a go at the above. Use whatever fruit (or any objects!) you have to hand. Tell a story about the objects. Repeat using different amounts to a total of 10.

Extension - write your number sentences down.

Read a story of your choice together. Talk about what happens in the story. Can you draw a picture of your favourite part? 

Extension - write a sentence about your picture.                                        




Create your favourite animal using whatever media you like!


You might:

  • draw it
  • paint it
  • make a model out of whatever you have 


Extension - make a mini fact file for your animal. You could include labelled pictures, some information about what it eats, a little about its habitat, what type of animal it is (e.g. mammal, reptile etc.), any other interesting information.

Remember to upload any photos of your creations to social media!

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