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Home Learning Week Commencing 18.05.20

Welcome to your home learning this week!


Welcome to your home learning this week, it has been so lovely to see some of you emailing in what you have been learning and creating, it's such a joy to see!


Our predominant learning this week is our daily English and Maths home learning, this is all re-capping what you have previously been taught in Lancasters, so shouldn't be a big surprise to you.


Most of the work shall be worksheet based, either print these out and stick into your home learning book, or write them up as best you can in your books, that way all your home learning is kept organised in one place! 


On this page you shall also find our three ongoing projets: Charnaga, Living Things and Their Habitats and the Vikings. It has been lovely to see lots of you emailing me in photographs from these projects, it's so lovely to see your creativity, keep up your hard work!


Please remember to keep accessing TTRocks and Spelling Shed to keep up the amazing work you have already done! 


Remember if there is anything you are unsure about, or would like to show me some of your amazing work- I'd love to see it! Please email:

Maths Home Learning! 


This week in maths I would like you to recap on our learning of multiplying up to 4 digit numbers by one or two digit numbers. Your times tables will really help you this week, so make sure you access TTRocks to brush up on your amazing times table skills.


Top tip: remember your place holding 0 when multiplying by a two-digit number!  

English Home Learning!

To complete for your English home learning this week there are a variety of grammar and descriptive writing activities. With your descriptive writing, make sure you are using all those incredible writing techniques we have learnt over the year to make your writing more effective!


If you are stuck or unsure, BBC Bitesize is a really useful resource if you are stuck at all on any of the terminology! 



Below are our three documents showing our ongoing projects-  the Vikings, Charanga Music lessons and Living Things and Their Habitats. These activities are predominantly creative and can be completed with the resources around your home and garden! to show me your amazing learning!

To show me your amazing learning, please email: 

Where can I look for help? What if I need more to do? 


Below, I have created a document showing some really useful websites to continue your learning! These websites will help you to secure your learning in what we've already covered this year, or discover something completely new! 

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