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Hi Spitfires,

Welcome to SAT week 2020.  We know that this is not how we imagined this week would be but we wanted to mark the week by sending a message to you all to tell you how very proud of you we are.  We know how hard you have worked not just in year 6 but throughout your time at Sturton By Stow Primary school from learning to read in Reception all the way up to learning algebra in Year 6.  Every single adult that has worked with you during your time at SBS is super proud of you, not just this week but every week. 

It is a shame that you won't get your opportunity to shine through the SAT papers this week but remember that all the hard work you have put in stands you in good stead for when you move on to year 7.  Also, remember this week to celebrate all of your skills not just maths and english - whether you are an artist, a sportsperson, a scientist or skilled in computing these are all equally as important!

Make sure you enjoy a lovely breakfast everyday (I recommend chocolate spread on toast!!) as we are missing out on breakfast club and do something you really enjoy in the afternoons - at school we would have been doing lots of art and PE to take a break and enjoy the week. On Friday celebrate your week in a way that you enjoy!


Most importantly have fun and take time to feel proud of yourself!


To make us smile this week I've popped below a special 'Lockdown SAT Paper' for everyone to have a go at. There's lots of fun activities in there and you can score yourself as you go.  Please remember to share anything you do try through our class email - I'd love to see how you have spent the week!

During SAT week there is a little tradition we keep as we listen to the song below whilst getting started with each paper.  So, if you do have a go with some of our Lockdown SAT Paper it would be lovely if you could keep this tradition too. 

Have a listen to the piece of music as you work!

(Check with parents it's ok to access youtube)


To access a short video which can help you with Fridays maths challenge follow the link below and look in Summer Term Week 3 Friday:

Answers to last weeks family challenge:


Website of the week:

Our website this week is the same as our challenge of the week.

The site below is a website from author and illustrator Rob Biddulph, who's written books including Grrrrr! about a bear called Fred who loses his growl.

His videos, show us how to create everything from a sausage dog to our very own Fred Bear - lots of fun art tutorials. Lots of good fun!


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