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Welcome to Robins Class!

Learning Behaviour: Curiosity and Questioning
We will be learning how to ask purposeful and careful questions by using specific language.

Topic: Science Exposition
We will be investigating and researching our science topic, 'Woodland animals' throughout the term and we will explain our findings to an audience at the end of the term. 

This term in English we will begin by reading, reciting and writing some woodland animal themed poetry.  We will then be reading a selection of the 'Percy and the Park keeper' stories and represent the stories by creating story maps and retelling the stories using carefully selected language.  We will then write our own explanations based on what we have been investigating and researching about throughout the science topic to present our findings.  Throughout all of our work, we will be practising using capital letters accurately, finger spaces, full stops and applying our spellings carefully.

We will begin to work on addition and subtraction this term.  First we will practise partitioning numbers to 10 to develop our understanding of part, part, whole.  We will ensure we are secure with our addition and subtraction skills within 10; we will be able to reason and problem solve using concrete equipment and pictures to help us and show our understanding.  We will then move onto addition and subtraction within 20 and we will work on missing number problems and writing number sentences. 


With science leading our topic this term, our learning across the curriculum  will be based around  'Woodland animals'.   As curiosity and questioning are our main learning behaviours this term, this topic will be fuelled by the children's interests and we will investigate and research questions that have arisen from the children.  We will be using language such as 'habitat', 'adapt', 'carnivore', 'herbivore', 'omnivore' and 'offspring'. 



We will continue to revise phase 3 sounds and then we will move onto phase 4 where we will be practising our segmenting and blending further.  We will continue to practise reading real and alien words using our phoneme fingers. 


This term we will learning about Christian beliefs, lifestyles and celebrations.  We will be studying Christian values, symbols of Christmas and the similarities between Christianity and other religions.



PE will continue to be on a Tuesday morning and a Thursday afternoon.  Please ensure your child has a PE kit in school. 


Homework and spellings

Homework will continue to be set on a Friday and to be handed in on a Wednesday.  This will be one piece focussing on Maths, English or Phonics - or a mix! It will be based on the learning we have done in class that week.  Spellings will be given out on a Tuesday and the children will be tested on the following Tuesday. 


Reading books

If your child needs their reading book changing, please encourage them to put their book bag in the blue book bag box at the front of the classroom and we will change their book that day.



Please check tapestry regularly to see your child's learning each day.  Remember, you can post your own observations too!


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to speak to any of the Robins team!

Sturton by Stow Primary School