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Welcome to Robins Class!

Learning Behaviour: Creative and Critical Thinking

This term we will be encouraging the children to approach and solve problems  using 'both sides of their brain'.  We recognise that some problems need tackling using creativity and some problems need logic and reasoning to be applied - sometimes we need to use both!  We will help the children to understand this learning behaviour by teaching them that tried and tested problem solving techniques we have used before can help us to reach a solution but sometimes we need to think 'outside the box' and come up with new and creative approaches to solve the problem!



Topic: Disney at Sea! 
For our last term we are going to have lots of fun linking our learning to our favourite Disney films!We will be focussing on Finding Nemo/Dory, Peter Pan and Moana - all of them linked to the sea, which is perfect for our 'Coastal' Geography topic! We can't wait for all of the exciting learning we will be doing based on our favourite Disney films!




This term we will enjoy lots of different types of writing and reading.  We will experience a range of non-fiction books about fish in the ocean linking to 'Finding Nemo/Dory' and create our own non-fiction book about some of the fish that feature in the film! We will write a message in a bottle from the point of view of Nemo, to his Dad, describing his exciting adventure across the Great Barrier Reef!  We will describe Captain Hook and Smee using careful adjectives, research ship life and the various jobs needed to run a ship day to day, label parts of a ship and apply for a job on board Captain Hook's ship.  In groups we will create a Peter-pan themed adventure using shadow puppets.  We will also learn some pirate themed poems!  We will identify the beginning, middle and end of Moana's story and use aspects of the story to inspire us to write our own island adventure!

We will be practising our multiplication and division skills using careful language and concrete apparatus and solve word problems!  We will have a big focus on reasoning and problem solving in addition and subtraction, and being able to explain our workings.  We will learn how to describe different coins and learn the value of them.  Throughout the term, we will be securing our understanding of place value of numbers to 100. 

'Working scientifically' is our overriding theme in Science, which gives us lots of opportunities to explore and practise the skills we have learnt throughout the year.  We will be observing and identifying features of fish, predicting and concluding the best way to melt ice to get to the treasure and use the best materials to design and make a boat for Moana! 



We will be practising reading lots of alien words, using our phoneme fingers and blending carefully!  We will play games to reinforce our fantastic phonics knowledge. 



Inspired by our 'Disney at Sea' theme, we will be learning about the history of the Titanic.  We will learn about what the Titanic was, what happened, why people still talk about it today and what we might learn from the event.  We will research using computers, read books, learn facts and create a news show!



We will learn about God, what God represents to people and the importance of prayer. 


We will learn about changes, how to manage change and discuss the changes we have experienced so far. 



PE will be on a Tuesday morning with MSP and on Thursday afternoon.  We will be practising for sports day so children will need their PE kit in school. 


Homework and spellings

Homework will continue to be set on a Friday and to be handed in on a Wednesday.  This will be one piece focusing on Maths, English or Phonics - or a mix! It will be based on the learning we have done in class that week.  Spellings will be given out on a Tuesday and the children will be tested on the following Tuesday. 

Reading books

If your child needs their reading book changing, please encourage them to put their book bag in the blue book bag box at the front of the classroom and we will change their book that day.  Please ensure you read with your child at home as it benefits many aspects of their learning!  Talking about the characters and story line, predicting what might happen, using different voices for characters and talking about similar stories is also very beneficial!


Please check tapestry regularly to see your child's learning each day.  Remember, you can post your own observations too!


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to speak to any of the Robins team!

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