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Welcome to Robins Class!


We are really excited to welcome you all into Robins and for an exciting year to begin! 

'Step back in time'



We will be developing a love for writing,  independence and writing for a purpose.  We will recap many of the skills that we learned in Owls; capital letters, finger spaces, full stops and of course our beautiful handwriting!  We will be learning how to choose words carefully when writing instructions for some Roman recipes and we will try to apply this skill during our choosing time to various other areas around the classroom.  We will also write our very own, 'That's not my Roman' book!



Our first term in maths will focus mainly on place value; we will be using and exploring numbers in various contexts.  We will practise our counting, ordering, sorting and representing skills with a variety of equipment.  We will move on to addition later in the term, becoming confident with using strategies to add two one digit numbers effectively.  



We will be revising the phase 3 sounds taught in Owls and applying these to our writing.  We want to make sure we are really confident with these sounds before learning some new ones!  


This term our science learning is based around working scientifically.  



We will be learning all about the Romans this term.  We will be posing our own questions about the Romans, thinking carefully about what we would like to find out.  We will learning about what daily life was like for a Roman, what they wore, what school was like and how they have changed the way we live today.  We will enjoy being Romans in our role play area, including visiting a Roman market, preparing a feast, digging for artefacts and wearing Roman clothes! 


This term we will be learning about giving thanks and celebrations, thinking about what the term 'sacred' means.  



Thank you for your continued support and if there is anything you would like to discuss please do not hesitate to find me on the playground before and after school! 



Sturton by Stow Primary School