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Welcome to Owls Class!


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Term 1 Learning Behaviour: INDEPENDENCE


As a school, we will be concentrating on a different learning behaviour each term.


This term we will work on:



We will encourage the children to come into school and put away their belongings without the support of an adult, dress for PE by themselves, find their own names for the register, help to tidy and put away equipment, do jobs around the classroom and access their own learning activities both indoors and outdoors.

We will, of course, support the children as they need it but we will encourage them to be as independent as possible where they can!

You can help at home by also encouraging your child to 'have a go' and by reinforcing the idea that it's OK to make mistakes and that things won't always be perfect the first time we try!

Term 1 - 'Step Back In Time' and 'My History'


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Our topic for this term will begin with...

‘My History’

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In the first couple of weeks we will learn all about the children, finding out about their interests and what they like to do. From this, we will plan exciting activities. We will also be thinking about how we keep healthy, how to look after ourselves and others, why rules are important, our school environment, as well as getting used to routines and expectations – a very busy term!


Later in the term we...


'Step Back In Time'

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And learn about what life was like during Roman times. We will consider how life has changed compared to now and how the Romans contributed to how we live today.




In Maths this term we will be doing lots of counting activities. We will sing counting songs and work on recognising numbers 1 to 10 out of sequence.



Owls will soon begin to bring home books to read with you. They will be changed weekly. Begin by sharing the book then ‘reading’ it slowly together. Their first book may simply have pictures to talk through with no words or may be a phonics book to encourage recognition of sounds. Remember to record every time you hear your child read in their reading record. If you need any advice or support strategies to help your child when reading, please see a member of the Owls team.



In RE this term, we will learn about Our Living World.

We will think about how we look after our environment, plants and animals and how we care for the world around us. 



Our PE day is a Tuesday and will be taught by a specialist sports coach, we will begin with 'Games'.

Please make sure PE kits are clearly labelled and in school everyday. 


Show and Tell:

Parents will be informed when it is their child’s turn for Show and Tell. It takes place on a Friday afternoon and children can bring in something related to the topic. As our main theme for the term is ‘All About Me’ children can bring in a special object or a photograph of something/someone that is important to them. Items brought in to show will be kept safely in the classroom cupboard.


Other Information


Remember water bottles (filled with water only please), PE kits, book bags and reading records need to be in school every day. Please also make sure all belongings are clearly labelled with your child's name.


If you have any worries or concerns, we are always happy to help!


The Owls Team 


Sturton by Stow Primary School