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Term 2

Science Exposition

This term Doves are going to embark on a range of exciting Science work as we begin our topic, 'Science Exposition'.

We will be exploring electricity and putting what we learn into action in a special design and technology challenge!


This term in English we will be investigating explanation writing. We will be exploring the features of this genre of writing and thinking about what makes a successful explanation. We are going to explore the organisation of explanations by using the book, 'Until I met Dudley', where the main character explains how she 'thinks' certain everyday objects work until she meets Dudley who gives a much more scientific explanation! We will then be writing some explanations of our own focussing on developing our use of grammar and punctuation as we work.


In Maths we will be exploring fractions in detail and then comparing them to decimals and percentages. We will also be focussing upon multiplication and division strategies and building our confidence with both. We will be thinking about how we can reason when problem solving and convince others of our answers. In week 2 and 3 we will be sharing our multiplication work with our visiting teacher from Shanghai, Mr Yan. We are really excited to be finding out about maths in this way!



We will be investigating Electricity this term in Science. We will be thinking about how we use electricity in our everyday lives and how to ensure we use it safely. We will also be exploring circuits and linking this work with our DT project. Our topic will also involve us in investigating which materials are conductors and insulators.



In Geography this term Doves will be investigating climate zones. We will begin by using maps and atlases to identify the characteristics of different climate zones and where in the world we can find these different areas. We will consider the plant and animal life that exists in each different environment and how and why they are adapted to the places they exist. We will also be creating our own biomes in a box as we investigate the different biomes that exist and move on to thinking about the positive and negative impact that humans can have on the world.


In DT this term we have a focus of 'electricals' which will work alonside our Science topic of electricity. We will be finding out about different types of circuits and what we can do with them. Once we are experts with electricity we are going to undertake a special design and technology project where we are going to make a model car that moves and lights up.


Homework will be sent home each Friday and returned the following Thursday.  Children will have maths and english/topic homework each week as well as a set of 10 spellings to learn.   There is a homework help club on Tuesday lunchtimes in Doves where children can come and discuss their homework or complete any extras they do not have time to complete at home.


Thank you for all of your continued support. 

We look forward to an exciting second term!

Sturton by Stow Primary School