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Term 5

Social Enterprise


This term our learning behaviour is collaboration.


This term in English we will be working on writing villainous speeches! The children will first deconstruct several examples of speeches and then evaluate their effectiveness and how they effect the audience. We will then go on to construct our own speeches, based on Shakespeare’s ‘Hamlet’. The children will then get the opportunity to create and document performances of their masterpieces! We will also be exploring biography writing, thinking about the different features and what makes a successful biography. Throughout this term, we will be focussing on broadening the type of vocabulary we use and developing our use of grammar and punctuation as we work.

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In Maths Year 5s will be exploring translation and reflection with shapes. We will then go on to look at interpreting data and graphs to solve problems. Following this, the children will be investigating the topic of measurement where we will be working on converting between different units of metric measurement, calculating perimeter and area, and applying this knowledge to solve problems.

Year 6 will continue to work hard revising on tricky topics in preparation for SATs, working on solving problems and developing our reasoning skills.



We will be investigating Classification of animals this term in Science. We will learn about where the classification system comes from and work on identifying similarities and differences between living things in order to determine their classification. We will also look at creating our own classification system and attempt to classify unusual living things from around the world!


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This term our main focus in topic work will be ‘Social Enterprise’. In Geography this term will be investigating Natural Resources vs Manmade resources. We will explore how natural resources are used to produce energy and electricity. We will also look at different parts of the world and where natural resources come from. In Design & Technology we will then be designing and creating our own wind turbines, thinking carefully about the best materials to use and how wind is considered as renewable energy.




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This term Doves will be investigating the topic of ‘Promises’. We will look at the impact promises can have on different situations. We will be identifying similarities and differences between marriage vows taken by people from different religions.


This term in PE, Doves will be developing their netball skills. We will be working on skills such as passing, defending, gaining space and working effectively as a team.


The subject for this term is ‘Relationships’. We will be thinking about recognising our worth as individuals, as well as considering the emotions of others and different types of relationships.


Y5 children will recieve homework  each Friday and needs to be returned the following Thursday.  Children will have maths and english/topic homework each week as well as a set of 10 spellings to learn.  


Y6 children will recieve homework on Wednesday and their homework needs to be returned to school on Monday.  Children will recieve Maths homework each week linked to the weeks topic.  They will also recieve grammar & spelling homework each week and either a punctuation or reading task.


There is a homework help club on Wednesday lunchtimes in Doves where children can come and discuss their homework or complete any extras they do not have time to complete at home.



Y6  SAT Week

This term Y6s will complete their SATs tests during the week beginning 14th May.  We will be topping up our skills this term and undertaking the papers on the actual week according to the timetable below.  More information will be sent out to children and parents prior to the actual week.


14th - 18th May







Lesson 1

English Paper 1 Grammar, punctuation and spelling test



Reading Test

Maths Paper 1


Maths Paper 3


Lesson 2

English Paper 2 Grammar, punctuation and spelling test


Maths Paper 2



Thank you for all of your continued support.


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