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Term 6

Putting On A Show!


This term our learning behaviour is creative and critical thinking.


In English this term, we will begin by exploring narrative. We will be investigating how to create character, setting and atmosphere. We will also be thinking about play scripts as we embark on preparation for our Summer show, ‘Shakespeare Rocks’. We will be exploring the features of this type of text and embarking on writing some Hollywood blockbusters of our own! Our final genre will be writing balanced arguments learning how to argue for and against, backing up our points with evidence!



In Maths this term we will be covering a range of topic areas. We will be exploring algebra, volume and averages; solving problems which involve understanding the rules of working with these. Calculation will also be a large focus as we polish our skills to ensure we are ready for year 6 and 7!



In Science this term we will be investigating Light. We will be thinking about how light travels and how shadows are made. We will be carrying out lots of practical experiments to explore and explain these ideas. Investigating how we see and how the eye is constructed will also be part of our topic.


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This term our main focus in topic work will be 'Vikings and Anglo Saxons'. We will be going back in time to discover who the Vikings were and how they changed life for people in Britain at the time. We will be finding out about Vikings as raiders but also settlers, exploring every - day life, pastimes and communication. We will be becoming developing our historian skills as we find out where we can still see the impact of the Vikings today such as in our language.





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This term Doves will be investigating 'Religion in the Neighbourhood'. We will explore religion within our own community and consider the rich variety of religion which exists in Lincolnshire. We will be exploring the similarities and difference which exist between them.


Our outdoor focus this term will continue to be athletics as we head towards sports day. We will be exploring these skills with our visiting teachers from MSP. We will working on dance for the KS2 production.


The subject for this term is ‘Relationships’ and 'Change'. We will be thinking about all the changes that lay ahead of us as many of Doves prepare for our new adventures in Year 6 and in Secondary School. We will also be learning about puberty.




Doves class will receive spellings at the end of each week and will be given maths and english/topic homework weekly as well. This will be set each Friday and returned to school the following Thursday.

There will be a homework 'workshop' on Wednesday lunch time for any children who have questions about or need any support with homework.


Summer Show


This term KS2 embark on our summer show.  This year we will be performing a show called, 'Shakespeare Rocks'.  We are very excited about the show and enjoying the early stages of puttig together the singing, dancing and acting as a team.  We hope that you can join us on either the 10th or 11th of July to enjoy the show!


Thank you for all of your continued support.


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