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Term 4



In English this term, we will be focussing on narrative. We will be linking this closely to our History focus by exploring ancient Greek Myths and Legends. We will also be exploring a range of poetry styles and building upon our use of descriptive language. We will continue to practise spellings as well as consolidating our knowledge of apostrophes, speech marks and other types of punctuation. In guided reading we will continue to develop our skills in inference, how language is used for effect and the structure of different text types.


This term we will be continuing to develop mastery in our approach to maths. We will be using problem solving and reasoning skills to explore and revise different areas of maths. Our focus at the beginning of the term will be upon place value and decimals, fractions and percentages, thinking about exploring patterns and making connections between these areas of maths. Later, we will focus on geometry, statistics and algebra! We will also be developing our fluency with times tables and our ability to apply what we know to new and less familiar areas of maths.



We will be exploring the topics of inheritance and evolution in Science this term. We will be thinking about how we are similar and different to other members of our families and what this shows us about the features we inherit. We will also be investigating fossils and their links to ideas about evolution.



This term our main focus in topic work will be Ancient Greeks. We will become historians throughout the term using artefacts and research to find out what life was like during this period in time. We will be finding out about the democratic structures created in ancient Greece, what day to day life was like and the Gods and Goddesses which formed the basis of Greek culture. We will also be exploring Myths and Legends in depth and finding out about how the Greeks used theatre for entertainment.








This term we will be linking our work in art closely to our history topic by exploring how the ancient Greeks used art to represent their beliefs and culture.




Y5 children will recieve homework  each Friday and needs to be returned the following Thursday.  Children will have maths and english/topic homework each week as well as a set of 10 spellings to learn.  


Y6 children will recieve homework on Wednesday and their homework needs to be returned to school on Monday.  Children will recieve Maths homework each week linked to the weeks topic.  They will also recieve grammar & spelling homework each week and either a punctuation or reading task.


There is a homework help club on Wednesday lunchtimes in Doves where children can come and discuss their homework or complete any extras they do not have time to complete at home.



Thank you for all of your continued support. 

We look forward to an exciting fourth term!

Sturton by Stow Primary School